Wednesday, October 28, 2009

That Was It

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I've never seen so many people, different people, of different shades, different ages (and i mean DIFFERENT AGES) different everything, come together and sing for 2hours IN A MOVIE THEATER! Wearin Sequence gloves, Glittery Tshirts and all sorts of different things.

I'm sure by now you can tell that i went to the Movie theaters at midnight last night to see "This Is It" It was everything i hoped it would be. It showed me how determined Michael Jackson was to making his show perfect and making his fans happy as hell. (which i already knew lol) A perfectionist to say the least. Just so everyone knows, it wasnt a movie. It was literally a video of his tech rehearsal. It was gonna be put in his library for his own personal use. Don't want you expecting something that isnt gonna happen. But it was really cool. And even if your not a fan, i dont know who the fuck doesn't Michael Jackson, but even if your not youre going to enjoy it

Movie was amazing. Michael was amazing. I loved it. Period.

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